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Coming Full Circle: What’s Your True T?

On Creativity

This Is Your Song

What’s your heart’s song that you’re singing, right now? Is it your melody of choice? Music to your ears? The symphony of the smallest part of you, your true heart?

                                           What’s The True T?

                                                        For you?

Do me a favor, would you? Please.  Watch your complaints. Watch all of the ouch-inducing things that “seem to happen to you.” If you complain a lot, this “watching” is likely automatic. So, this will be quite easy for you.

This isn’t really for me: do yourself the favor of introducing  an eensy bit of pattern-interrupt into the whole deal. What are the things that seem to haunt your thoughts, dreams, waking moments? What are the things that irk you? Think on these things, so that you can transform them.

You don’t even need to write them out, because your body, mind and soul wants to purge them, I’m quite sure these thoughts are right at the tip of your consciousness. At the forefront of your soul, asking for release and healing.

These people, places, things—in other words, these ideas—point you in a direction. They paint a picture for you indicating who you think you are and who you think you want to be. When you flesh out these ideas,  how aligned with your heart, truly, are these ideas?

I’m curious. Please let me know.

Stay In Lovely,




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