Yup: that’s me: Jianda Monique.

Since you’re here, you likely want to learn more about me, about creativity, about creative resilience, and about the amazingly abundant world of creatives who are out there in the world–like you and me–fashioning magical works of art and ever-inspirational playful pieces.

As I’m a work in progress, I’m quite sure this page will continually evolve, but here’s your backgrounder for now:

My Experience

I have created PR/social media initiatives for, created multimedia/copyrwiting projects for and coached artists and creatives in many iterations: during my work at MP3.com, for the Brown Boi Project, in Artist’s Way Groups (online and offline), and more. As for coaching and ongoing training, I’ve studied and completed Louise Hay Teacher training coursework, and I am an accredited Law of Attraction coach and empowered facilitator.

What I’m Working On

At the moment, I’m extending my Creative Coaching practice and am in various stages of working on expressive arts projects.

What I Create

I’m a vocalist who creates her own lyrics, vocal/music arrangements, instrumentation (guitar, keys) & beats.

I collab, too. Currently, I’m a featured artist at Integrity Recordings, and if you want to work on projects with me, integrity, transparency and 360 degrees/365 days egalitarian steelo is a prerequisite and ongoing requirement.

As you can tell from the ever-extensive blogathon here, I’m also a published writer (fiction, non-fiction, and creative non-fiction where those two worlds meet–works both online and offline–even in–gasp!–paper magazines and books).

Occasionally, I paint (mostly acrylic pieces).

I’m Creating The Work: You’re Welcome to Co-Create With Me

I first experienced and practiced the idea of “doing the work” in Artist’s Way and metaphysics study groups in college. Then came more jaunts around the sun: Byron Katie, Steven Pressfield, Seth Godin and many others encourage us to work it regularly: to make things happen by working on projects a little more, and talking about them a little less.

Doing the work is doing the work that these individual entities do: Buddha, Jesus, MLK, Gandhi, Oshun, Alice Walker, Kuan Yin, Frida Kahlo, Thoreau (pick an artist, any artist, on any plane of Thought or Concept).

Psst: we’re all artists.

I’m a strong believer in living and loving as a Working Artist, and I share that way of experiencing life and resiliency with my coaching clients, in my workshops, and in my body of work and play itself.

Much of my advocacy work and artistry takes place in the LGBTQ community, working with Mastermind and Law of Attraction groups or co-leading those workshops, and working with survivors (in helping to facilitate their  transitions to become Thrivers).

When I’m teaching with you or coaching with you, I’m doing the selfsame work. We roll up our sleeves together and we make successes manifest. There is no such thing as “a loser or a failure” when you’re doing the work, because art *is* a science. You make your earnest hypotheses, you test them, you learn from them, you repeat. Just like the artistry that’s y/our life.

I combine impassioned  magical realism in creative  realms with common sense, practical ways to create value and abundance, maintain momentum, and encourage your success and resilience–even when no one else in your experience is doing so. I will–and together, we will–encourage you.

Do the work with me, and you will never find yourself set off course again. You’ll fall in love with your art so much, you’ll find you’re standing strong, in love.

All told, I empower creatives to claim, reclaim, and maintain resiliency and self-sufficiency.

Does this bring us up to now?

Yes it does. For now. Since now is all we have, that’s all we get. So, make sure you’re enjoying it!

Right Now.





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Used to work with these folks–

If you listen to tracks or albums from Om Records, you may have heard my versions of “Wish” there.

If you’re a fan of Tycho, you’ve likely heard my voice gracing some of his most prominent work up to now, such as select tracks on “Dive (a ghostly project).”


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