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Here’s hoping this song helped heal all that guilt.It likely did–’cause this is some make-up sex music…

Shudder to Think: On Scary Monsters and Super Bleeps

I’ve coached and consulted with many folks who shudder in embarrassment as they painstakingly reveal stories, incidents, nightmares, “mistakes,” and multicolored Beautifully Human moments to me—things that could have been prevented, things that couldn’t be helped. Y’know…things.

And I know, from their hunched shoulders, furrowed brows, saddened eyes, their pain in the telling, that they’ve never felt positive about what’s gone on up to the point they gift me with their stories. Their moments.

But your embarrassing moments? Those are the most precious. They are you, yourself, at your most precious. Whether or not your mama ever cooed over your tragedies great or small, there is something innately gorgeous in us that’s gifted with this ability. To love that baby, no matter what.

Don’t you? Love You, no matter what?

No? Well get that love muscle a’flexing!


Get Your Happy Little Mistakes The Hell Out of FrownTown

When you transmogrify all those little shame monsters, then all your big faceplants and public shaming turn into messages  you’re trying to send yourself. They’re yours, so you’d better claim responsibility for them. You’ve had the power in you all along and you’ve unwittingly handed the reigns over to the ShameShow, on loop.

Read the book, not a favorite? Then surely you’re gonna hate that movie…!

Your mind, body, soul replays these moments on repeat, and while you think relating these stories can be freeing, they’re little more than reenactments until you allow the energy to transform. You don’t just want to flip the script, you want to make these moments new. As you fashion new meaning from them, get out of the way, too. You might not have a full understanding of the full meaning, but you can still let the moments die.

Each person’s going to need to do this in their own way; however, I can assure you there are at least five positive, magical and enlightening things embarrassments can teach creatives. Right now.

1) Just Deal In each embarrassing circumstance, you’re forced to deal with life in the moment and decide how you feel about it. This happens automatically. Consciousness about it might not happen automatically–not at first, or not always. With each new challenge and with incremental practice, your self-empowering tactics do become automatic. Hang tough.

2) But You Ain’t My Bestie Though? If the(se) moment(s) are or become public, you find out very quickly who your friends are—and are not. This includes you. Could you have been kinder with yourself about all this madness?

3) Out of Body Experience(s)When you allow yourself to live outside of the moment as an observer, you get to ask yourself, “So this was embarrassing according to whom? Embarrassing why?” And figure out if that still works for you.

4) WhatevsYou learn the lost and powerful art of the Shrug, a.k.a. STFW. You don’t even have to add an “I meant to do that” to it. Just WTFE.

5) Your Life, ReimaginedYou get to luxuriate in the humanity that is you—you get to remember everybody makes mistakes. Mistakes are literally only missteps, misdirection. They don’t define you. Every life form or object blessed with animation and locomotion, graced with movement, is going to teeter-totter off course. Correction happens. Correction strengthens.

Be At Peace With Your FuckUps

       —Because FuckUps Are What Inanimate Objects Do, Not What You Animate, and Not What You Are.

Precious Is What You Are. 

Love. You,




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