In The Dream

In the dream, I sat with my pile of books at the library, spending a leisurely afternoon solo, peaceful.

You came by, said hello and sat at the other end of the table. Suddenly the table shrank, and was circular, not rectangular. (More intimate.)

We didn’t talk much, we shared space and I kept on reading.

Your Mom came up, and it appeared there was to be a celebration in her honor. Your old friends entered the building, slowly, and a couple of mine trickled in, as well.

When I looked up from the book again, to check on you, you were crying. You told me you were happy to be seen, to be truly seen as yourself. I smiled, because I knew they were tears of joy. You told me through tears, also, never to give up my creativity and my free spirit. You are even beautiful through salty tears! 🙂

We spent quite a long time, all trying to get to a consensus regarding where we were going to reconvene, to celebrate your mother’s presence.

We finally all decided. As I woke up, I was ordering exactly what I wanted, and you were close by.

Once my eyes opened and I realized I was dreaming, I saw that I was protecting all my girlspots. One hand above (as if saying the pledge of allegiance), one below (same idea, yup). As if holding, nurturing, or protecting.

We hold, nurture, and protect each other in mind. I can see that.

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