Relation In Space: The Artist Is Present.

Heartbreak is Mandatory



Repeat after me: “Living like Marina’s first performance…”

Each new day is your first new performance.

Heartbreak is mandatory; you simply must have your hopes and heart broken (by people, places, things, yourself). This happens anyhow—but each and every time, this needs to happen—

Not just once. Repeatedly.

Breaking “patterns” is a myth. Patterns will and need to repeat.

Letdowns, disappointments, hurdles and betrayals are not the stuff of reality TV or soap operas.

This is the stuff of marrow. Substance.


Nothing makes you feel more present, more immediacy-immediately, than a surface wound, or deeper.


Change forces you to effect momentum.

Wounding forces immediate change.

You are forced to mitigate, mediate, make it to the next moment.

You are forced to decide.


You are forced to effect momentum, even if that decision’s just to keep breathing through the nanoseconds or to let your bodysoul tell you what you’re supposed to do.


You get “hurt,” and you are forced to effect momentum.

Without momentum, your soul dies.

If you’re alive and your soul’s dead, you’re a zombie.

Being zombified? Cool in theory, hell in practice.

Live the moments of your life like Marina Abramović’s art instalations.

Marina does not rehearse.

She does indeed prepare, but she does not rehearse.

She has her basic vision, then she just shows up.

No rehearsal; just performance and endurance.

You show up at the exhibit for the duration. You endure.Joy may show up, and pain may show up. Everything is relevant.

When it’s done, you call it Good, Right & Perfect.

Then you move on.

The exhibit might repeat in a new city, time, place or space.

Or, it might not.

Then you move on, and it begins again.

Or it might not.




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